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Let’s begin with the basics: the term yacht originates from the Dutch word ‘jacht’, meaning to hunt. In the fourteenth century, the Dutch began using small, speedy boats to chase after smugglers and criminals. Eventually, wealthy merchants and ship owners started using these little ‘jaghts’ for their own pleasure; initially to celebrate the return of their merchant ships and then subsequently just to entertain their friends with. For the restoration in 1660, King Charles II chose a yacht to transport him from the Netherlands back to England, and was even gifted a sixty-inch yacht by the city of Amsterdam to celebrate the end of his ten-year exile in Holland. This is how the yacht of today, with all its connotations of luxury and hedonism, and the assumption that yachts carry people of importance or great wealth, was born.

Nowadays, however, the aspect of hunting that was once affiliated with the ownership of a yacht has almost entirely disappeared (except for the odd fishing expedition). For the modern sailor, a yacht is a sign of not only wealth, but the desire for a life of leisure. There is no traditional size for a yacht, though some types of yachts are categorised by size, weight and structure.

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