Visiting yacht shows in pursuit of the perfect vessel can be draining. While you’re still in the early stages of planning your purchase, it might be helpful to start at home, in front of your computer. There are some great websites that can help you find the right yacht and broker for you, and most have a wide range of yachts for sale, to satisfy everybody’s tastes. is a website with a more affordable range of yachts and a few different services, such as destination guides, luxury lifestyle articles and a yacht business directory, as well as loads of videos and other such media for those looking to better educate themselves on what they’re buying. Around half of the listings are below USD 5 million.

Yacht World is home to some beautiful yachts for sale, and lists vessels sold by yacht brokers as well as new dealers. Perhaps the most appealing thing about the site, however, is how much easier the filter settings make your search. You can filter your search by manufacturer, new or used yachts, length of yacht, year of construction and price. The advanced search goes even further, providing you with options such as Mega Yacht, Motor Yacht and Antique Yacht. The site also offers marine insurance and advice for those who have never worked with a broker.

Burgess is your go-to site for the highest end of high end yachts. Burgess also has some very handy filters to aid you in your search, but you won’t be likely to find a yacht for less than USD 1 million listed there. Burgess was founded in 1975, and they also offer services in chartering, building yachts, yacht repairs, assembling a crew and a host of other things. Basically, you can find whatever you want at Burgess, as long as you’ve got the money.