An Express or Sports Cruiser is a yacht with one deck above the hull and a living space below, and is often referred to as the sports car of the yachting world. Here are some of the best and most varied Express and Sports Cruisers around:

The Pershing 80

The Pershing 80 is and Express yacht with a fully climate controlled enclosed space above deck. The Pershing 80 also has a very large sunroof, sliding side windows and a glass back to the upper enclosure that slides down in to the floor to create an entirely open upper deck, should the weather permit it.

The Riva 63 Virtus

The Riva 63 Virtus is what is known as an ‘open express’ and is among the more beautiful yachts on the list. Like all express yachts, the Riva 63 Virtus has a two-deck layout, with one deck above the hull and one below, and is also occasionally referred to as a ‘Mediterranean’ style yacht, as the design allows for maximum exposure to the sun, with very little (or sometimes no) shade or cover.

The Sunseeker 60 Predator

The Sunseeker 60 Predator is a hard-top express with an enclosed front windshield. Usually, with the Sunseeker 60, the front windshield and the hardtop are conjoined, meaning that the top deck of the yacht is completely sealed off on three sides. The back end of the yacht is still open, but the climate of the open area is much easier to control, especially if you make the decision to add some A/C units.

The Sea Ray 51 Sundancer

The Sea Ray 51 Sundancer is what is also known as a hard-top express. Unlike the Sunseeker 60, however, the Sea Ray 51 has a gap between the windshield and the hardtop, so the top deck is still an entirely open area, providing more of a natural breeze.