A Flybridge or Sport Bridge yacht is a yacht that has an area above the upper deck that provides a 360 degree view around the vessel, with a control station in the same area, as well as seating and lounge space. Here are some of the best Flybridge and Sport Bridge yachts around:

The Ferretti 620 Flybridge

The Ferretti 620 is a traditional type of Flybridge. It has a vast living space on the main deck and a big outdoor lounge on the top bridge. It has two control stations, one on the top bridge and one on the deck below, meaning that the captain has the choice of where they would like to go, depending on convenience, weather, and the number of guests on board at the time.

The Sunseeker 74 Predator Sport Bridge

The Sunseeker 74 Predator is the smallest type of bridge and is typically referred to as an express yacht, with an area upstairs from the upper deck that is just big enough for a control station and two or three deck chairs, giving the captain the freedom to navigate the water away from the guests. There is also a control station below, though there is no shade available on this particular yacht, which would make the extra-scorching days harder to bare.

The Sea Ray 58 Sedan Bridge

The Sea Ray 58 comes with a full plexi-glass enclosure around a hardtop on the flybridge, providing more permanent shade and making it far easier to control the climate in the bridge area. This, in turn, means that the flybridge area can be used even in extreme weather. There is also only one helm station, allowing for maximum living space on the main deck.

The Maritimo 48 Enclosed Bridge

The Maritimo 48 Enclosed Bridge is your go-to yacht if your priorities are climate control and protection. This yacht provides comfort in any type of weather, and resembles the Sea Ray 58 in that there is only one helm station, allowing for maximum living space on the main deck.