When you hear someone say ‘Motor Yacht’, to assume it means any vessel powered by a motor makes sense. In the yachting world, however, a Motor Yacht is actually a term used to describe a vessel with multiple decks, and a much bigger interior main deck than average. Motor and Skylounge yachts are the yacht of choice for those who want a vessel that is not too flashy, but still provides the maximum level of comfort. Here are some of the best Motor and Skylounge yachts:

The Westport 112 Pilothouse Motor Yacht

A notoriously popular motor yacht, not only because of the design, but the control and ease of use that it affords its captain. The pilothouse can be found in between the main deck and the flybridge, giving the captain a central command centre away from the distractions of the living area. The term ‘Pilothouse’ refers to the area where the captain controls the ship.

The Hatteras 80 Motor Yacht

The Hatteras 80 Motor Yacht is an open bridge Motor Yacht with a hard top. The interior space is larger and juts further out towards the front of the vessel, leaving less room on the bow but providing ultimate comfort on the inside. The Hatteras 80 has a sleek design with darkened windows and the interior space’s climate control system is both simple and efficient.

The Lazarra 80 Skylounge Motor Yacht with Cockpit

The term ‘Skylounge’ means an enclosed flybridge that has a climate controlled living space. The Lazarra 80 has both this and a cockpit, making it the perfect yacht for those who want to relax in a maximum comfort living area after a diving session or an hour or two of fishing. It is rare to find a yacht with both access to the water at its true level and an upper living space as large as this one, which is why the Lazarra 80 is many people’s go-to yacht of choice.