Lurssen Yachts is a German shipyard known for constructing yachts and naval ships, among other vessels. Lurssen is one of the leading builders of luxury yachts, and was the manufacturer of the previously mentioned Azzam, the largest yacht in the world.

Lurssen began in Aumund, a suburb of Bremen in Germany, in 1875 when the 24 year-old Friedrich Lurssen set up his first boat-building workshop. His first vessel succeeded in impressing those around him, and his business slowly began to grow. Eleven years after the conception of his business, Lurssen built the first ever motor boat, which was commissioned by the inventor and engine manufacturer, Gottlieb Daimler, who was desperate for an opportunity to test one of his new engines. The Lurssen-Daimler speedboat became the hit of the racing season four years later. It won the ‘Championship of the Sea’, an unofficial world championship race in Monaco. Not long after this initial achievement, the speedboat continued it’s streak of greatness by winning the ‘Prix de la Cote d’Azur’ and the ‘Grand Prix des Nations’. Lurssen himself died in 1916 at the age of 65, but his legacy continued long after his death. In fact, just one year after his death, remote-controlled boats that Lurssen had co-developed and built were used by the German navy to occupy ports or attack ships with heavy armour.

These days, Lurssen are still at the top of their game, and are responsible for some of the notable vessels worldwide, not just the Azzam, but the Dilbar and the Topaz too, among many others. With the recent acquisition of fellow shipbuilders Blohm and Voss, it seems that the company is continuing to go from strength to strength. Alongside their website, they also have an app which offers a picture gallery of all of their luxury vessels, with a description of features and measurements included.