A Tri-Deck yacht is defined as a yacht that has three floors of enclosed living space. By this definition, yachts like the 80 Lazzara would qualify as a Tri-Deck, due to the fact that it has both a Skylounge and a Cockpit, though this term is usually reserved for yachts in excess of 120 feet. There has been much dispute over what constitutes a Mega Yacht, though some believe it to be a vessel in excess of 80 feet. Other terms used include ‘Super Yacht’ and ‘Luxury Yacht’, though each term is nuanced in its connotation.

The term Luxury Yacht started to appear at the beginning of the twentieth century, when wealthy people began constructing large private vessels to entertain guests on and use for their own personal pleasure. A classic example of such a yacht is the Jemima F. III, which measured 11 feet, belonged to Charles Henry Fletcher, and was named after his wife. The Jemima F was, during 1908, the largest existing motor-powered yacht in the world.

Some Luxury/Mega Yachts are used solely by the owners for personal use, some are privately owned but available part-time as charter businesses, and some are used entirely as charter businesses 365 days of the year. The luxury yacht charter industry is a solution to many yacht owners’ problems; many see it as an opportunity to alleviate some of their running costs with the charter income, as well as being able to keep their vessel and crew in top form. In addition to this, private charterers charter yachts because they believe it to be less expensive, less time-consuming and provides more choices in yacht type, location and crew.

The crew for a yacht of this size would typically consist of a captain, a first mate or office, a team of engineers, a bosun, a personal chef, deckhands and stewards, and can range from 8 to 120 members in total.